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monday through wednesday. >> all right voters in the east bay will decide whether to the tax soda and other sugar sweeten benches in 10 days or so. if measure m passes richmond is the first to impose the penny per ounce tax on business that is sell soft drinks and big money is coming in from outside the bay area. mark tonight with the expensive local battle. >>reporter: studies have shown that drinking sugar sweeten drink is linked to the rising previous lens of obesity in children. so retired cardiologist jeff convinced majority of the fellow council members in richmond to put a measure on the november ballot that would tax soda and other sugar drinks using the money to make children healthy. >> for the 3 million we take in we can put in new soccer fiel fields. softball fields. we can teach our kids third graders how to swim and put nutrition teachers in the elementary school. >>reporter: he's convinced the tax will encourage parents to buy 100 percent just and other non-sugar drinks in place of soda. >> it really is parallel to big tobacco and to what we did with cigarette
sales tax increase on everything except groceries and gas and a longer hike on income taxes making over quarter a million a year. >> those who have done the best, can't they help us in california ace time of need. >> without the $6 billion that prop 30 would generate. the automatic trigger cuts are in the budget. >> money into the schools and colleges, into the california dream or out. yes or no. >> more californians saying yes, 48-38% opposed. >> all the governor needs is another two or 3 percentage points and this thing will pass. >> former chair of the state republican party doesn't think so. >> usually when you are in this situation and you blow below 50% the odds are against it. >> take a look at the numbers one more time. 14% are undecided. those undecided voters tend to break heavily for the no side. >> it's just voters are resistant to change. no on 30 campaign is certainly trying to raise doubts about the proposition. pain xain has received $11 million donation out of state. a contribution the governor believes is illegal. >> the appropriate authorities, and attorney general ar
tuesday is proposition 30. its tax measure governor brown is pushing hard to pass that supporters say will help california schools. nannette miranda tonight has both sides of this contentious debate. >> all the talk about proposition 30. governor brown's tax measure centers around public school funding but a local representatives are worried about the other part of prop 30, prison inmate shift where counties must house thousands of low level inmates. if it fails tuesday, they are asking how can they afford this expense. >> if the money goes away, it's going to have a dramatic impacted on the way we do business. >> lawmakers have a history of taking money from one program to pay for another. constitution protection says politicians can't touch the money at all unless it goes back to the voters. >> next two budget years, show counties will get $6 billion in each of those years to take on the new inmates. >> the funding will still continue. >> but it is after that that worries officials? >> priorities may change, legislators may change, governors may change. we're pretty much at the whim
brown's tax measure remains below 50%. the latest poll shows prop 30 as 48% support, 38% opposed the director of the poll says there appears to be enough to swing prop 30 to victor. governor brown is in san francisco today make a -- making a last minute push for prop 30 his second bay area visit in a week: >>> if it looked like there were a million people at the giants victory parade that's there were. the city just released new crowd statistics more than a million people attended yesterday's parade honoring the giants' world series win. record number of people relied on bart to get there. officials say nearly 600,000 used bart clobbering the old record set during the last parade. with so many in one place, san francisco police say it made 22 arrests. 22 out of a million. >> we did pretty good. >>> meteorologist mike nicco, i was driving home last night in the pouring rain my little trick-or-treaters got soaked. >> unfortunate the forecast came to fruition. >> you were right. >> so far i'm right about the clearing trend starting to develop as we look north from emeryville, we'll
an order waiving a requirement that tankers register and pay tax before unloading. that would speed up delivery. some airlines are putting extra fuel on planes flying into new york to ensure planes can fly out. brandi hitt joins us from manhattan. >> reporter: as you can see the winds are starting to pick up and the temperatures are dropping fast. families are still struggling and still without power. more than three million people are still in the dark now as temperatures start get to freezing. victims woke up in cold dark homes again this morning facing another day of waiting for help. tempers are flaring as many feel they've been left out in the cold. >> this is really a dangerous, dangerous situation. it is a real dangerous place in the dark. >> reporter: on staten island where the hardest hit communities frustration and desperation. >> we lost everything. when you fix things, you do the best you can. try hard, you go to work everyday you do the best you can. >> reporter: in one manhattan neighborhood people felt a need to dive into dumpsters to retrieve food thrown out by restaura
into the grounds water. the red areas on this map show the known sewage breaks throughout san anselmo and fare tax and larkspur. >> we know the severity of the problem and we want to get it directed. >> many breaks go undetected, creating sinkholes on the streets until the pavement collapsed and sewage bubbles out. tree roots are invading and grease is clogging up a system that averages 30 structural defects per mile of pipe. it will cost about $300 million to rebuild the system, but over the summer the ross valley sanitary district board voted down a rate increase and a $70 million bond proposal. >> i voted against selling the bonds, sure. >> why? >> i wanted to put it on the ballot. let the rate payers weigh in. >> the maximum state fine could reach $800,000. >> engineers say it is hard to measure the environmental damage because a lot of the leaks are under ground. it is a costly situation anyway you put it. reporting live in san rafael, alan wang, abc7 news. >> costly and unpleasant. thanks very much. >>> the spare the air season begins tonight and violators will face tougher penalties. there
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6